Fossil Fools Day 2008

April 1st! Expose the Fossil Fools and take action against dangerous climate change
Confronted with melting ice caps, droughts, unprecedented species extinction and extreme weather, from extraction to combustion the fossil fuels industry is ruining the climate and fooling with our lives. At the head of the empire, Fossil Fools continue to plunder the earth, with the governments as willing court jesters at their side.
On Tuesday April 1 2008, we're going to unmask these dangerous jesters. See the clowns investing in coal? The carbon offset contortionist or the corporate strong man promoting Earth Hour? Target a local fossil fool – grab a bunch of friends (or in your enviro collective/climate action group), find a fossil fool in your community and pull a prank that packs a punch!
Don’t forget to tell the media as you oust the fools! We know we need to act in a way that meets the seriousness of the problem - so step right up to the good fight for a Clean Energy Future!
Ideas for pranks include (but are definitely not limited to!):
- actions at petrol stations: bike/carbon police; polar bears; cost per litre: the earth
- mock award ceremonies, eg
- bike blockades, critical mass:
- urban parks, eg
- ratbag tours of your local city
- court jester street theatre
- banner drops
- culture-jamming
- spank the bank visits
- office occupations
- projections of solutions onto buildings
- guerrilla efficiency
- spoof videos and websites
- rallies at representative offices
For more information, or support for your action, feel free to contact Tessa on 0424 808 639 or at
Groups participating in Fossil Fools Day around the world include the Australian Student Environment Network, Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Resistance, Rising Tide Australia, Rising Tide UK, Rising Tide North America, Energy Action Coalition, and Canadian Youth Climate Coalition.


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On April 1, 2008 young people from Australia and around the world are rising up to show the world that we refuse to fool around with climate change and our future. The Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Australian Student Environment Network, and Rising Tide Australia are calling on youth across Australia to join this global day of action and show the fossil fuel industry and bad politicians that we mean business. Ideas include, but are by no means limited to: rallies at gas stations or representative offices, Critical Mass bike rides, office occupations, Billionaire’s for Coal demonstrations, spank the bank visits, high-powered projections of solutions on the side of dirty energy factories, University Senate meeting take-overs, hold a clean energy camp at a dirty energy site, do solar installations, make spoof videos and websites, offer alternative, clean energy bus rides, do some coal mining of your own at a coal company’s headquarters…

Groups participating in Fossil Fools Day around the world include the Energy Action Coalition, Canadian Youth Climate Coalition, Rising Tide North America, the Australian Student Environment Network, the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, & Rising Tide UK, & Rising Tide Australia.


A day of action to stand up to the fossil fools and demonstrate that a clean energy future is possible

Want to Help?

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